This contest is over. Congrats to synace, who won $72. Read about how they did it here


  • Last button presser when the countdown expires wins the pot.
  • After pressing button, countdown will be set to 1500 blocks.
  • You can’t press the button again for another 15 blocks.
  • If you press the button again, countdown will be set to 1490 blocks (and so on, in decrements of 10 blocks per button press until countdown reaches a minimum of 10 blocks).
  • After each button press, the press cooloff time will be increased by 15 blocks.
  • A signup fee of .5% of the pot is required for first time pressers (unless you’re a SolClub member)

Contract code: 0xF7f6B7164FB3ab456715D2E8B84E8BAaC8BD09a9

Happy pressing :)